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My journey to entrepreneurship journey started when I was burned out and frustrated with my job to the point of letting stress affect my health severely. At that point I believe was a defining moment for me and I cam to realize that no job is worth my health and that some places will let me work myself to death if I let it.  So not knowing where to start I ventured into entreprneurship. Through out my journey of starting 5 businesses there were lots of things I failed at BUT learned from. Now, I want to share what I know about starting a business and how to leverage your nursing expertise to translate the Art of Nursing into Entrepreneurship.

I am not perfect and continue to look to God for help and be a student of life. But I have come to realize adventures and new journeys are better when done together. I started GNN with the vision to connect nurses from all walks of life who want to give more to the world. I have seen that through entrepreneurship it is possible to fulfill dreams of financial freedom, love our work and to truly enjoy everyday life. When we connect and share our resources businesses and help each other I believe we can grow faster. Value the expertise you have and serve it to the world, because your gift makes room for you and brings you before great leaders. Don’t be scared to profit from your knowledge and work this is a key lesson I had to learn. If you do not value your own knowledge and skills, neither will others. Be encouraged today because the GNN family has got your back!

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“Don’t stop short of your dream, If you see the end of your dream in this lifetime it is too small…THINK BIGGER” 

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