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How Can Contract Nursing Services Help Me?

What is Contract Nursing?

contract nurse is someone who completes all the duties and responsibilities of a nurse but is contracted for a temporary amount of time. Contract terms can be very flexible  to fit the needs of your organization. See the video to the left for more information.

How Do I Know if Contract Nursing Is Right for MY Business?

If you are looking to free up your time, fill gaps in your schedule to earn more money or just want to take time off and still generate revenue, contract nursing may be an affordable option.

What about Malpractice Insurance?

The contracted nurse will carry individual malpractice insurance to cover the work done for your organization.

Do You Offer Nurse Practitioner Services?

 Yes! You can customize your contract terms to fit the level of care you would like to deliver to your patients. Your organization would be responsible for providing a physician who agrees to a Standard Care Arrangement (SCA) with the contract nurse practitioner. The care must fall within the knowledge and scope of nursing. 

How do I make money from this?

 Your patients always remain your patients and you will bill insurance as usual. You will be billed a set hourly rate directly for the services rendered per your contract agreement. Therefore, you will know the cost of services upfront. Payment for contract services is expected within 7 days after work completion. Depending on your organization and work load the goal is to schedule patients in a manner that allows for coverage of the contracted nursing services with revenue generation for your business. We seek win-win scenarios.

About Audra Hanners

Nurse,Coach & Motivator

Audra is a passionate NursePreneur seeking to help other nurses become the nurse of their dreams. With easy simplistic style Audra approaches entrepreneurship with a nursing spin on it. Why re-invent the wheel?  Her passion is to serve others and see nurses leverage their expertise to become entrepreneurs who can leave a positive impact on the world. She founded GNN with one goal in mind…Every nurse has a niche.  So let’s find it together and dissect the true anatomy of FUN: Finances, Fashion, Fitness/Food (Health) and start connecting the world to real nursing care.

Companies & People I’ve Worked With

“Audra would be an amazing member of any team while also leading it with integrity and grace.”

We have hired Audra for her expertise to help create educational material for our organization and other clinicians, as well as her consultation services and as an on-call clinician to fill in when needed. Her professional and
consultative services have always been reasonably and competitively priced, and she always exceeds our expectations.


CEO, Sozo Pediatrics

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