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About Audra Hanners

Nurse Coach Motivator

Audra is a passionate NursePreneur seeking to help other nurses become the nurse of their dreams. With easy simplistic style Audra approaches entrepreneurship with a nursing spin on it. Why re-invent the wheel?  Her passion is to see nurses leverage their expertise to become entrepreneurs who can leave a positive impact on the world. She founded GNN with one goal in mind…Every nurse has a niche.  So let’s find it together and dissect the true anatamoy of FUN: Financese, Fashion, Fitness/Food (Health) and start living life on our terms.

Business News & Resources

The NursePreneur

Who is the Nursepreneur? The nurse of power and  purpose, who is a nurse 24/7/365 reaching beyond the "job" to their true work... the community and those people around them. The business of the Nursepreneur comes from a passionate desire to do good and see a healthier...

Welcome to GNN

Welcome to the Global NursePreneur Network. We invite you to network with other nurses here and to send us your questions so we can be sure to create content and material that is most beneficial for you. You are brilliant and unique so do not think it is necessary to...

What is Your Question?

What is the right pathway? What resources are good to use?  Here is the place to ask the GNN family your entrepreneur questions and to help other NursePreneurs by sharing what you have learned on your journey. Sometimes it is often easier to solve the problems of...

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