I guess we’re just getting through it by going through it. The love-fest continued on Budden’s Instagram page. He posted a photo of his girlfriend with the following poem as a caption. The pair first appeared on Love and Hip Hop back in 2014 though they were not dating. They have since entered into a relationship and welcomed a baby boy, Lexington, in December 2017.

I feel horrible for what happened to him. 1yI think the main point here and the takeaway is that we need to pray and intercede for Wendy. Some penetrating hurtful things must have occured throughout her life to form her into the person she is. Lawrence Have you gone on a hunt yet, for those who have mocked any of your dead relatives or had problems with them, offended them in anyway during their lifetime? It’s okay to feel bad or offended, it’s natural…….but it becomes pathetic to go after them, their jobs etc for it. Not everyone will love you or your loved ones.

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The Family Reunion series followed the pair as they connected on a romantic level while filming in San Diego. Fans watched the intimacy grow between Cyn and Booby this season and are wondering if they made it official once the cameras stopped rolling. Here’s everything we know about whether the duo is still together. In the season premiere, sparks seemed to fly between cast members Cyn Santana and Booby as the two spent a little time getting to know one another.

My Son Is Dating His Stepdad’s Ex Wife! | Maury Show

The self-proclaimed “Prince of New York,” Power 105.1’s DJ Self was born and raised in Brooklyn during hip hop’s golden era. As the CEO of Gwinin Entertainment, his clients included fellow Love & Hip Hop castmates Mariahlynn and DreamDoll. During his time on the show, he was romantically involved with Yorma Hernandez, Cardi B, Major Galore and others. A true hard-knock success story, Jermaine “Maino” Coleman spent 10 years in prison. But the Brooklyn rapper used the time in lockup to develop his skills as an emcee, and upon his release in 2003, he launched the independent record label Hustle Hard Entertainment.

Yall will defend the most despicable and atrocious behavior like it’s normal. She is literally a mother of a son almost the same age as this young man , yet she doesn’t seem to realize how flippant her remarks were. It boggles the mind that she can be so callous. She actually hate to see people happy, overcome, and doing well in life. It’s easy for Wendy to rejoice while not remembering she has a son. “That’s crazy “ it’s even sadder because she has a son herself.

Who is Cyn Santana?

She has accumulated this huge sum of wealth through her hardships and dedication in her professional career. However, the celebrity has not disclosed her salary yet. After their acrimonious breakup, Joe and Cyn appear to be in a good mood. Despite this, they share custody of their 4-year-old child.

Actions like this made racisms continue to escalate across the nation. 1yVegans brand meat eaters as cruel too. Comedians make fun of dead people all the time.

Is Olivia and Chrissy still friends?

She then released a ballad named “How Can You Leave? ” in 2019 as a memorial to his late brother Joel, who committed suicide in 2018. “No Question,” “Say Less,” and “Real Life” are some of her other tracks, which she uploaded on her own YouTube account. At the age of twelve, she began pursuing acting and modeling training. Santana went on to pursue modeling as a career after that.

The“Love & Hip Hop New York” duo are ready to make their love official. In 2018, Govan was arrested at her https://thedatingpros.com/green-singles-review/ sons’ school. As a result, Barnes went out of his way to get a temporary restraining order against her.

She built her empire launching her Yelle Skincare line, heading media brand Everything Girls Love and taking on the role of hip-hop activist. A successful businesswoman and mother, Yandy is not the same struggling music manager from Season 1 who worked for Jim Jones. Her brand represents class, honesty and grace under pressure. She has earned over 4.1 million Instagram followers and over 700,000 fans on Twitter.

When the pandemic hit, the franchises were filming and abruptly had to come to an end due to growing concerns about the fast spread of the coronavirus and lockdown measures to quell it. In the beginning, it was especially scary in New York City, where the first cases were reported. In 2015 Budden opened up about the relationship that he has with his teenaged son during a sit-down onCouple’s Therapy With Dr. Jenn.